Taken from here, what key things do we want written up, and who wants to write them?

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It seems to make sense to have a community wiki for this. Anyone with >100 reputation can edit this post and start building up the below.

Economics is for academic or professional economists, students of economics,

Ask about…

  • Specific questions about issues concerning the economy or markets.
  • Real problems or questions that you've encountered during research or study of economics.
  • Questions about how ideas from economics can be applied more broadly.

Don’t ask about

  • Stock tips.

Type of Questions

  • We're very cautious with questions that are politically motivated. Economics is mostly not a normative, but a positive science. Questions that make clear that certain outcomes are assumed to be preferred are welcome. Arguing about these positions or taking the as given might lead to lengthy philosophical and political discussions which are off-topic here, and might lead to your question being closed.
  • Other stuff that might derail questions


  • Assume that a policy maker wants to maximize labor-income equality and attaches equal Pareto-weights to the population. How can we implement...

Not so good

  • We know that it is best for everyone to have the same labor income: How can we effectively implement ....
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