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Are questions pertaining to investing in a specific country admissible?

Suppose that I would like to invest in Ruritania. Suppose further that I am interested in learning about the risks involved — physical, sociological, regulatory, legal, etc — and that I do not trust ...
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Is it allowed to ask about which sources are reliable to get certain data?

In my case, I'm doing a research about cost of living in different countries. But data I find is not consistent, different web pages I find give different measurements for that data. So, I think it's ...
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Are "Pros Vs Cons of x?" questions allowed?

Are questions that ask for the pros vs cons of x allowed on the site? And does the answer change depending on whether x is: An economic policy (e.g. monetary, fiscal, other) A non-economic policy (e....
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What's wrong with this rent control alternatives question and answers? Why the turnaround from mostly upvoted to mostly downvoted?

I'm wondering about the downvotes to this question and all its answers: If rent control "doesn't work" and supply induces demand, how can cities improve affordability? The question ...
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Interdisciplinary Questions Law and Economics Should I ask
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OP answering his/her own question right after posting it

I'm referring to what are the essential aspects of the Keynes revolution in economic theory are? The question is asked on 2018-04-30 14:58:50 and the OP supplied an answer to it less than three ...
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Can I ask the following discussion question?

So I'm working through the textbook " Introducing Advanced Macroeconomics: Growth and Business Cycles" by Sorrenson. I have noticed that it's very equation and math heavy, while I do enjoy maths, it ...
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Are the questions about non-profit organization "on topic"?

The current proposal Charity Work (volunteering) could have a lot of questions common with this page. Would the question mentioned here be off-topic on this page?
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Questions about programming lab experiments

How would we feel about questions regarding the programming aspects of lab experiments in economics? I am thinking of questions like this one I recently posted on Stackoverflow, or other questions ...
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3 answers

(Why) are questions about flaws in specific works considered inappropriate?

I posted a question about what I believe to be a flaw in Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century. Given the enormous success and authority of Mr Piketty, which made it unlikely that I would be ...
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Are questions about social choice and voting on-topic here?

In my university, these topics are studied in the economics department. But, since I haven't found any "voting" or "social choice" tags, I would like to know if they are considered on topic.
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How should we deal with "what are the causes of economic phenomenon X" questions?

We are getting a fair amount of questions of the type "what are the reasons for X", or "what are the impacts of X on Y" e.g. The reasons why rouble is collapsing What is the impact of fracking on ...
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