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Tag for differential equations

I've created the tag as a synonym. It can be voted up and put into use now. Edit: You can vote up the tag here
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New tag merge thread

IMO we should merge demography and demographics, despite one being the science and the other the thing the science describes.
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Current tag synonym candidates

asset-pricing (137) $\leftarrow$ asset-prices (11) (2 overlapping) I wonder if there is any difference between these tags.
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Do we need all 3 tags : Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Markets?

I suggest we merge finance and financial-economics unless we can define whether and how they differ in any significant capacity. It is harder to tell what to do with financial-markets as it does not ...
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Do tag synonyms show up somewhere?

The answer seems to be that is shows up on the tag synonym page, where people are supposed to go and vote on proposals. This means proposals aren't very visible (who sits staring at the tag synonym ...
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