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Why are we still in beta?

You can read about the Stack Exchange graduation policy here: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites Here's the key part: The TL;DR: When a site starts ...
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Why are we still in beta?

My guess would be is that we are too small. We are currently failing the "questions per day", "answered" and "answer ratio" indicators of Area 51:
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Generic response to Homework Questions

I dare propose a more succinct formulation as follows: Welcome to Economics SE! Please note that we do have a policy on homework questions that requires you to demonstrate reasonable effort, which ...
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Why are we still in beta?

As Ubiquitous answer clarified, SE sites graduate with criteria akin to a sustainable business: 1) Is there enough and sustained demand for our services? ("10 questions per day consistently") 2) ...
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