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Bad in my opinion vs. low quality

According to this answer on Meta.SE: You should Delete a post If the post is rude or offensive [possibly flag] [ANS] If the answer asks another question [ANS] If an answer is actually a ...
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What's wrong with this rent control alternatives question and answers? Why the turnaround from mostly upvoted to mostly downvoted?

I upvoted your question because a) it addresses an important topic of concern to many people, and b) your list of possible policies indicates prior research effort. However, I did have some ...
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Where should I ask a given question, how and why is it vague what I am asking in said question?

Here's one reason why the [original, unedited] question is vague. One of the most useful mathematical topics for economics is multivariable calculus, eg when finding the optimum of a function ...
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Why did my question about opportunity cost get downvoted?

While I did not downvoted it I think it is because: the question is not very clear This question already has clear answers on this site In your question you make false claims. You claim that: It ...
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Spike in downvotes

I asked about this here: Tools for tracing voting patterns It seems that moderators have a fairly limited set of tools for monitoring voting patterns. Systematic patters of voting involving a single ...
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