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Economics SE vs Quant SE?

Probably asked before but anyhoo thought of this from that: English SE vs ELL SE? Might I break any (site-specific) rule for asking questions here instead of Quant SE? Sure I could get better answers ...
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How should we deal with questions from topics that overlap with other stack exchange sites?

How should we deal with questions from topics that overlaps with other stack exchange sites? Although in many cases it's clear that a question doesn't belong on one site and definitely belongs on ...
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Would a question about economic jokes be on-topic? [duplicate]

What is your favorite Economics joke? There are plenty of similar posts all across Stack Exchange (favorite math joke, favourite programming joke, etc). Some are locked (not closed), with the message:...
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Are the questions about non-profit organization "on topic"?

The current proposal Charity Work (volunteering) could have a lot of questions common with this page. Would the question mentioned here be off-topic on this page?
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Questions about Economics as a discipline

Would the main or the meta be an appropriate place to ask about publishing protocol? (Journals to submit to, procedure, costs, policies, etc) This isn't necessarily specific to Economics, but would ...
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Should questions about personal experience be allowed?

Certain SE sites forbid questions like "What plugins do you use in PyCharm?" or "How does your zshell configuration file look like?" In economics, it's less frequent, but what about questions like "...
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Are software questions on-topic?

There are programs like Dynare which are used mostly by economists and answering questions about which may require knowledge of economics. Then there are programs like Stata and Matlab which are ...
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