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Proposal to make the site more useful for experts (PhDs, academics, professionals)

Problem Description There aren't enough experts and expert-level questions on the site. A long-standing criticism of this site is that there are too many non-expert level questions. This makes the ...
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Meta filter: Layman/Academic/Real World

I've stopped being here as frequently as before, or say, invest as much time as I used to in the start, also as I feel that slowly the ball started rolling. However, now, as a not-fulltime-consumer, ...
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Should we start dealing with duplicate tags

Alright, now that this site's existence appears to be secured, we could spend some time "cleaning it up". How about we gather some duplicate tags in the answer and decide on whether they are really ...
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JEL vs tags: ontology of behavioural economics

I had a look at where behavioural economics fits into the JEL classification, for this question: Creating a list to measure the site's coverage of subfields I see that experimental design fits ...
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Should we have a tag for Family Economics?

In this question, the OP points out that we have no tag for Family Economics, which can reasonably be claimed to be a sub-field of economics (see here). My only doubt about having such a tag is ...
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Delete Unnecesary Tags?

As well as merging a few tags It would probably be a good idea to delete a few unnecessary tags as well. Post any tags you feel can be deleted. For example, I think that the tags ...
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Non-specific tags

Most tags are standard categories and either subfields of Economics or specific concepts. Less specific tags are not useful if, once invented, people misuse them. One example is soft-question. I don'...
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Tag for Trolling

Edit: I am not reopening the question, but note that currently there is a question written in the distinct style of the resident troll and it has so far attracted 4 answers, 3 from our top users. End ...
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Current tag synonym candidates

I suggest adopting the following system for handling tags that could be made synonyms. The system has worked very well on Cross Validated: see here. Please post your tag synonym suggestions as new ...
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