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Proposals to merge macroeconomics tags

Does anyone have any problem with a merge-tags tag here so we can have things like macro and macroeconomics and ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Creation of a Econ-Overflow Tag?

I've been thinking of creating a Tag exclusively for research based questions as a tool to signal expert questions with the creation of a econ-overflow tag. A tag ...
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Non-specific tags

Most tags are standard categories and either subfields of Economics or specific concepts. Less specific tags are not useful if, once invented, people misuse them. One example is soft-question. I don'...
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You want Academia? Then look like Academia, to begin with

An answer by @Ubiquitous reminded me of a past discussion 3 years ago about using the JEL classification system for tagging in I am bringing the issue up once more, and I make the ...
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Two tags for dynamic programming? Should they be merged?

At the moment, we have tags dynamic-programming and dynamic-optimization. Should they be merged?
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