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You need help with the use of one or more of the site's features.

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Welcome to Economics.SE!

Welcome to Economics.SE, the free, community-driven, Questions and Answers site for economists. This site is for Questions and answers and is not a forum. This means that there is a quite strict ...
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First user removed?

I just had 20 rep points removed due to the deletion of a user account. Was this our first removal? Can we learn whether it was because the user asked it or due to violations of policy? I think this ...
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FAQ on Community Standard for Answers

FAQ on Community Standard for Answers I am a new user here on Economics.SE. What do I need to know about writing an answer here? Welcome to Economics: Stack Exchange. Economics:SE is a question and ...
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How to get the HTML code for the profile?

About a month back I received a notification from the site saying I can paste a code on an HTML page to showcase my profile and badges earned. I have lost that message. I need to get that code. How ...
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You want Academia? Then look like Academia, to begin with

An answer by @Ubiquitous reminded me of a past discussion 3 years ago about using the JEL classification system for tagging in I am bringing the issue up once more, and I make the ...
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How to get access to my own post?

I posted a question about Ramsey Optimal Taxation a day ago. Since I didn't have an account back then, I have lost access to the question. Here's the link to the question: Ramsey Optimal Tax. @Mods: ...
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Main chat room is frozen again It happened before. FYI: What I wanted to post there is a link to
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Mass downvotes on 4 December

On 4 December, there were many downvotes without explanation. The user used the Recently Active feed to select the questions. Old questions that were bumped by the Community bot were downvoted without ...
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Wrong e-mail recipient from SE

I received an e-mail from SE, titled "Please take the new Moderator Engagement survey". But this survey is to be completed by moderators only, as is evident from the questions in the "Background ...
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Wasn't a user's post deleted unnecessarily?

Somebody asked: Can a company pay its employees what they are worth and make money at the same time? The question was voted down (not by me), and two participants asked the OP to edit the question to ...
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