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FAQ on Community Standard for Answers

FAQ on Community Standard for Answers I am a new user here on Economics.SE. What do I need to know about writing an answer here? Welcome to Economics: Stack Exchange. Economics:SE is a question and ...
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5 answers

Proposal to make the site more useful for experts (PhDs, academics, professionals)

Problem Description There aren't enough experts and expert-level questions on the site. A long-standing criticism of this site is that there are too many non-expert level questions. This makes the ...
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Generic Response to Questions Without Evidence of Prior Search Effort

If the user asks question that shows no evidence of prior search/research effort you might use the following generic response (special thanks to Mark C. Wallace - mod from History.SE for allowing us ...
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Update Policy for Low-Quality Answers: Citations Required

Abstract: "Back It Up" Policy for Answers In this post, I propose updating the policy on Economics.SE for deletion of low-quality answers. While there has been some recent discussion ...
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How should we deal with questions from topics that overlap with other stack exchange sites?

How should we deal with questions from topics that overlaps with other stack exchange sites? Although in many cases it's clear that a question doesn't belong on one site and definitely belongs on ...
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