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Adding Comments along with Downvotes

In some of the questions and answers that I have posted on the Economics Beta site, I have experience several downvotes. I recognize that downvotes are useful with comments to explain why, but nearly ...
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Bad in my opinion vs. low quality

In the review queue for low quality answers I came across this answer. The answer is pretty bad in my opinion, it lacks rigour, etc. Yet it is an attempt to answer the question, not spam or vandalism. ...
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More Downvoting Issues

As I mentioned in my previous question, there have been some issues on the site with downvoting without the addition of comments. Unfortunatley, we still have these issues. Take, for example, this ...
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Spike in downvotes

There was a spike in downvotes in Friday October 28th 2016. Site Analytics show 50 downvotes in that day, while usually they are around 5 daily. Can the moderators offer some insight on this ...
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Downvoting and Closing

I've been noticing quite a few questions being downvoted as well as vote-closed. In pretty well every situation, the close votes are pretty fair. Many of these questions however are salvageable. This ...
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What's wrong with this rent control alternatives question and answers? Why the turnaround from mostly upvoted to mostly downvoted?

I'm wondering about the downvotes to this question and all its answers: If rent control "doesn't work" and supply induces demand, how can cities improve affordability? The question ...
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Mass downvotes on 4 December

On 4 December, there were many downvotes without explanation. The user used the Recently Active feed to select the questions. Old questions that were bumped by the Community bot were downvoted without ...
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Why was my question downvoted?

It's not always clear to askers why their questions get downvoted. The Stack Exchange system lists the criteria as clear, useful, and showing research effort. What does that mean in practice? To ...
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Where should I ask a given question, how and why is it vague what I am asking in said question?

What is the academic( research, teaching, learning) use of advanced mathematics in Economics? Where should I ask the question cited above, how and why is it vague and unclear what I am asking?
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Why did my question about opportunity cost get downvoted?

I, a new user to this site and a complete beginner in economics, asked this question: What is opportunity cost really? In my humble opinion, this a very logical question. I quickly received two ...
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