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List of comment templates

As the site matures, it seems like it might be a good idea to have some boilerplate comments that are likely to be needed on a fairly regular basis and that can be posted by site regulars as necessary....
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6 votes
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Adding Comments along with Downvotes

In some of the questions and answers that I have posted on the Economics Beta site, I have experience several downvotes. I recognize that downvotes are useful with comments to explain why, but nearly ...
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3 votes
1 answer

When voting to close as a duplicate of an unanswered question, the wording of the auto-comment "Does this answer your question?" makes no sense

Currently, when voting to close a question as a duplicate of another question, the system automatically posts a comment in the following format: Does this answer your question? [link] However, this ...
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2 votes
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Why was my chat room deleted?

Why was the chat room I created for my comment discussion removed? Dave Harris replied to my last chat comment 10 days ago (28 June, 0:56 GMT), but I was not afforded the opportunity to view his ...
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What to do with comments that imply wrong answers?

On a number of questions, I have seen comments that seem of low if any scientific value. Difference-in-Difference on State Sales Tax Rates How does the core relate to strong equilibrium? How to deal ...
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