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Economics SE vs Quant SE?

Probably asked before but anyhoo thought of this from that: English SE vs ELL SE? Might I break any (site-specific) rule for asking questions here instead of Quant SE? Sure I could get better answers ...
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So many low-quality questions that are not homework per se

I suggest we either expand the "homework sans effort" close reason to cover more "low effort" and/or "completely clueless but opinionated" questions or create a new close reason to cover the latter ...
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Should we further qualify which software questions are on topic?

We have specified in our welcome message that software questions related to economics and econometrics software are on topic, and it's been a topic discussed before. This question, however, left me ...
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How are these questions duplicates?

1. How is Comparative Advantage a superset of Absolute Advantage? and 2.