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What would be a good place to ask this soft question?

I recently read that the Polish mathematician Stanislas Ulam once challenged one of the great names in twentieth-century economics, Paul Samuelson, to "name me one proposition in all of the ...
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Where should I ask a given question, how and why is it vague what I am asking in said question?

What is the academic( research, teaching, learning) use of advanced mathematics in Economics? Where should I ask the question cited above, how and why is it vague and unclear what I am asking?
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Interdisciplinary Questions Law and Economics Should I ask
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OP answering his/her own question right after posting it

I'm referring to what are the essential aspects of the Keynes revolution in economic theory are? The question is asked on 2018-04-30 14:58:50 and the OP supplied an answer to it less than three ...
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Is it allowed in this community to link to definitions proposed in other SE sites instead of copy-pasting them?

Is it allowed in this community to link to definitions proposed in other SE sites instead of copy-pasting them? Specifically, I try to discuss about organization types in software industry and ...
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Popular questions requiring answers

Some SE questions stand high in search engine rankings. This attracts traffic to SE, but such questions don't get attention from the community. Also, users from search engines typically don't vote. ...
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What makes a popular and insightful question?

One of the things that will probably continue to grow our site are popular questions that get many views that contribute to a valuable conversation. Questions range from topics such as monetary ...
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How do I make this question on-topic on this site?

I wanted to ask a question about the impact of the Government's intervention in surge pricing. However, I am not sure whether this question would be marked as too broad or not. I wanted to know how ...
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Is it reasonable to ask SE for help walking through econ papers?

I was going to ask "What are good general ways to ask for help understanding econ papers?" in main Econ SE but the editor suggested it was a subjective question likely to be closed, so I'll ask this ...
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How do you ask "expert level questions"?

I have been asked on several occasions on whether or not the questions I asked were truly "expert level". How exactly do I determine whether my question is "expert level"? I ask questions that I ...
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