7 hours ago, I got the "Revival" badge for my answer in this question,
In simple terms: what are the implications of homothetic and nonhomothetic consumer preferences?

The Revival badge is awarded when

"Answer more than 30 days after a question was asked as first answer scoring 2 or more "

I did answer more than 30 days later, and scored 2 or more, but mine was not the first answer. An answer already existed. So why was I awarded the badge?

SE-associates please clarify.


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The correct interpretation of the rule is different:

"Answer more than 30 days after a question was asked as (first answer scoring 2 or more)"

The precise conditions do not always fit into one-line summaries gracefully, and this is an instance of that. The post List of all badges with full descriptions clarifies the conditions by breaking them into separate points:

  • Provide an answer to a question that is at least 30 days old at the time of answering.
  • Your answer reaches a score of two.
  • No other answers posted earlier than your answer have a score of two. "Earlier" refers to the time the answer was originally posted (first revision).

(Aside: it also happens that two answers to the same question earn Revival.)

  • $\begingroup$ Fun, this last one. Thanks Sally. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 24, 2016 at 1:31

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