Could stuff taught in introductory finance at university level which may involve topics such as WACC, risk-adjusted return, dividends (involving stuff like DDM or gordon growth; I get that Modigliani-Miller is on-topic), derivatives (not pricing, just basic stuff like definitions, payoffs, etc), arbitrage strategies, etc?

All the topics I listed were discussed in finance classes I took, but they were mentioned, though not really but sometimes discussed, in economics classes I took or of which I have heard.

Finally, I believe this question differs from this other one because I am asking specifically about basic finance.


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Finance is on topic on this site. There's even a tag for it (). The only caveat is that the answer that you will get will be coming from an economics perspective. There is plenty of common ground covered between this site and https://quant.stackexchange.com/. The site that you choose to use will probably determine the kind of answer that you receive---an economics perspective versus a "quant" perspective. Between the two sites, you should be able to find a place for your question.

Possible cases of when the question might not belong are if it's an accounting-type question or if it is a question that might belong on https://money.stackexchange.com/. In any case, feel free to ask and let us figure it out later. It's very easy to transfer a question from one site to another if needed.

Also, we are always looking for more questions!


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